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The Workhorse Team


JOHN TRICE  Founder . Photographer . Filmmaker . Editor

John hails from the moonshine capital of the world but has called CA home for over a decade.  He loves bourbon, coffee, craft beer & good food (in no particular order).  And he's endlessly fascinated with making images and telling stories.  He's been shooting pretty much all his life, but went pro in 2009.  His wife thought he was crazy, but that's par for the course.  Before that he earned his keep on the agency side making ads for clients like Subway, ASICS, Black & Decker & Taylor Guitars. 

LOWELL TINDELL  Photographer . Filmmaker . Drone Operator

Lowell comes from the land of crawfish & gumbo.  He cut his photography teeth in NYC for over a decade before landing in CA in 2001.  He loves fishing, boating and is one hell of a sartor (look it up).  He’s been making images for over 20 years for clients like Bayer, Monsanto, AT&T and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.  Oh and he's fascinated with flying cameras around in the sky. 



JUSTIN GALLOWAY  Photographer . Filmmaker . Retoucher

Justin is part of a small community of people who live in San Diego, who are actually from San Diego.  That’s right.  He’s a native.  Oddly enough, he likes to eat all-things-fried and in general loves southern food.  He also loves to cook, which is probably why food ends up in most of the images he makes.  Justin is a perfectionist.  He’s one of those guys who reviews every detail until it’s just right.  Especially when it comes to making images, which he's been doing for over a decade now.